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JCC 2015
Desde el 9 al 13 de Noviembre 2015
Desde el 9 al 13 de Noviembre
Desde el 9 al 13 de Noviembre
Manuel Montt # 367
Providencia / Santiago / Chile

  ¿Qué es JCC?

Las Jornadas Chilenas de Computación (JCC) es el más importante evento en ciencias de la computación en Chile desde 1993. Su objetivo es entregar un punto de encuentro para la academia e industría relacionados a las ciencias de la computación e informática, para compartir experiencias, desarrollar proyectos conjuntos y expandir estas disciplinas.


Keynote Speakers

María Alvarez - Microsoft


Maria Alvarez is a technical leader with over 20 years of experience in software development with an excellent track record of building large cross-functional teams and delivering results.Alvarez joined Microsoft in June 2011 as a chief of staff of the Advertising platform group. Currently, she manages the Shared Engineering Services Group in the Information Platform Group. Her organization provides multiple services such as: Privacy, Security, accessibility and compliance services, capacity management, design and content experiences, strategic projects augmentation and business operations for a large organization. She also serves as the Chief of Staff to the Corporate Vice President.

Alvarez started her career as a programmer at Symantec Corporation and was promoted through various management positions at HP, CoCreate Software, and Yahoo! Prior to Microsoft, Alvarez served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Panda Security where she led both product and technology teams for the first cloud computing antivirus security company in Spain.

Alvarez has a B.S. in Information Technology and a M.S. in Computer Science from California State Polytechnic University. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Sergiu Dascalu


Sergiu Dascalu is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), USA. He received a Master’s degree in Automated Control and Computers from the Polytechnic of Bucharest, Romania in 1982 and a PhD in Computer Science from Dalhousie University, Canada in 2001.

His main research interests are in software engineering and human-computer interaction. Sergiu is the Director of the Software Engineering Laboratory at UNR and serves as leader of the Nevada cyber-infrastructure team in a 5-year $24-million NSF EPSCoR project aimed at improving the understanding of the linkages among solar energy production, related water consumption, and their effects on the environment.

He was a researcher on several other projects funded by NASA, NSF, ONR, and the industry. Sergiu has over 150 peer-reviewed publications and has been involved in the organization of numerous international conferences.

Since joining UNR in 2002 he has advised over 10 PhD and 35 Master students. He is the recipient of several professional awards and recognitions, including the UNR Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award 2011 and the UNR College of Engineering’s Faculty Excellence Award 2014.

Claudia Melo – Thoughtworks


Dr. Claudia Melo is ThoughtWorks’ Director of Technology for America Latina, supporting 300 ThoughtWorkers in 5 different offices to deliver excellent software and build a strong agile community. She is also research fellow with University of São Paulo, conducting research on software innovation and entrepreneurship based on companies from Israel, US, and Brazil.

She has been working in the software industry for over 15 years, delivering software to different industries (e.g. Financial, Media, Government), teaching grad/undergrad students, and also conducting research on software innovation, organization structures, team productivity, team dynamics, motivation, and trust.

Claudia received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of São Paulo. Part of her work was done with Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In 2014, her thesis was considered one of the 6 best Doctoral Thesis in Computer Science completed in 2013 in Brazil. She has also contributed to scientific publications, books, and industry reports.

Sebastián Uchitel


Dr. Uchitel is a Professor at the Department of Computing, FCEN, Universidad de Buenos Aires and also researcher for CONICET. He also hold a Readership at Imperial College London and is on the Board of Directors of YPF S. A.

His research interests are in the broad area of Software Engineering and more specifically in modelling and analysis as a means to gain confidence in requirements, design and code artefacts. He is interested in foundational aspects that can be exploited in tools for supporting automated reasoning, tools for which a body of meta-properties proven mathematically and experimentally exist. Currently, his main research threads are related to partial behaviour models, scenario-based specifications, verification of probabilistic systems, controller synthesis, machine learning for automated diagnosis, automatic abstraction for validation, and adaptive systems.

Dr. Uchitel is General Chair of the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2017 to be held in Buenos Aires and was previously co-Program Chair of ICSE 2010. He was associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering and is currently associate editor of the Requirements Engineering Journal and the Science of Computer Programming Journal. Dr Uchitel has recently been distinguished with the Bernardo Houssay prize.